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Clear and fast, big leaps forward

Yasemin Bagdadi

As a coach, trainer and Theta healer I offer – spiritual – professionals permanent solutions and continious growth in the areas health, intuition and practice/business.

I help people worldwide.


CURRENT: exclusive program Healer, heal yourself. The road to true Mastership. 


Healers are very altruistic, they want to help many others. even though they themselves still have many blind spots and obstructions. 

It is very noble that you want to help the world and others. But by not placing yourself first, your not only limiting yourself, but also the ones you truly want to help. 


The consequences are that healers reach the borders of their intuitive development and they don’t improve so much anymore when it comes to (self) healings. Your own health suffers from this. This doesn’t bring your self confidence and self value up. Your income is too low or you have too little free time.

I developed a program to help these healers.

  • Do you want to be healthier and become a master over your own healing proces?
  • Do you want to stop doubting yourself and rely 100% on the energy?
  • Do you want to quit sacrificing yourself for clients and leave their responsibility with them?
  • Do you want to increase your impact on others and create more free time and/or higher income?

Do you really want to have impact /make a difference in the world, then invest in YOU. Yoú will grow and everyone around you benefits from it too.

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